All About Restart Giving!

Restart Giving is about taking what’s old and giving it new life…..around the world!

We take income from our side-hustles and use it to create micro-loans via KIVA.ORG to help those around the world get a new start or continue on their journey to a better life.

The best part about Restart Giving is that we get to use the funds over and over as borrowers repay their loans, we take that cash and add it back into our resource pool to fund new loans to new borrowers. The cycle continues on and on….

What are our side hustles? We have several….

  • Reselling unwanted / unused items on EBay – mostly old cell phones and electronic devices
  • Shopping refunds / rebates – Mr. Rebates / eBates / Ibotta are just a few sites that give back cash that we use for investing in Restart Giving
  • Recycling – we take the money we get paid by our local bottle and can recycling center to add to our pool
  • Consignment sales: 2-4 times per year we sell kids items on consignment at local sales

Although we’re passionate about building our “giving portfolio” we do take time off occasionally  for a vacation to Maui and such! Life isn’t all work with no play.