Ibotta – Passive Income From Shopping

Passive Income From Shopping

We’ve made it pretty obvious that the main source of income for funding Restart Giving is though oureBay sales of unused electronics and other home goods. However, we also participate in a number of shopping / rebate mobile apps that also generate passive income for us.


Theses apps will typically give you a cash rebate for items you’re going to buy anyway. And while we could just consider the cash back we gain as a discount or promotion, we’ve chosen instead to be intentional and “re-allocate” those funds to our Restart Giving efforts.


One of our favorites of these online / cash-back apps is Ibotta. Using the Ibotta app on our iPhones, we just simply look through a list of items that are sold through various stores we shop at including Target, Walmart, HomeDepot, Costco, etc…

When we find an item that we plan to buy, we add it to our online Ibotta shopping “list”. After returning home from shopping, we just snap a picture of our receipt. The Ibotta app magically matches up our receipt with the items on our list and calculates the cash back that’s coming our way! Super easy.

Once we reach $20 in rebates, we can transfer the cash via PayPal or Venmo to our checking account. You can also purchase gift cards, but since our focus is on re-lending the funds, we prefer the cash option.


Refer A Friend!

Ibotta is always looking to add more happy shoppers who want a rebate on their purchases. We’ll put our referral link below – usually, if you sign up using our link Ibotta will give you some addition cash back, plus they’ll reward us for referring you, which means we’ll have more cash to lend!

Take a look, we think you’ll find Ibotta a great find!



  1. Hi. I see that you update your page pretty often. Thanks for all the great content – I’m really enjoying reading about what you’re doing and how you’re giving back to others less fortunate.

    Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

  2. I’m not sure how I found your blog exactly – but it’s really different. I’m wondering if maybe you take donations via PayPal or Venmo? I’d love to contribute!

    Thanks for doing what you do!

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