Restart Giving – Starting With A Crazy Idea!

Welcome to Restart Giving!

We all have lots of junk just collecting dust in our homes – much of which is still perfectly functional.

Take for example that old iPhone that you replaced last year with your cool brand new iPhone X! The old iPhone 6 you’re no longer using works just fine right? But what are you doing with it? Probably *NOTHING*!

That’s where the idea for Restart Giving came from. What if instead of just letting all that junk lying around our house collect dust, we instead repurpose it. Just because last year’s phone is old to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. What if we took that phone and sold it – converted it to CASH and then invested that CASH.

That sounds great! But wait….what if instead of investing the CASH in ourselves, in making our already great life that much better, instead we invested it in OTHERS? What if we invested it in budding 3rd World Entrepreneurs? Well that’s what we’ve started doing….taking old junk and selling it to fund Restart Giving.

We’ll be investing in a variety of business needs via the micro-lending site, KIVA.ORG

To start, we’d like to fund at least 4 borrowers each month, located in different parts of the globe. To do that, our first goal is to build up a cash reserve of $1200 – enough funds to lend $25 to 4 different borrowers each month for a year. To fund this effort longer term, we’ll continue to locate free and low-cost items from our community as well as things in our own homes.

So we invite you to follow along as we start this journey… and of course if you have any old phones or other small high-tech electronics you’re no longer using, we’d appreciate your donations!

Thanks for reading!

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