restart giving recycles bottles and cans for cash

Recycling Time! Turning Bottles and Cans Into CASH! About once each quarter our collection of used beer bottles and soda cans grows to the point where we’ve got enough to drag them down to the recycler. I feel good knowing the “garbage” will be gone and some cold hard cash will take it’s place. After […]

October 2018 Income Report eBay sales by about $100 this month to almost $450 while we had no income from consignment sales – the next consignment sale won’t occur until March of 2019. Side hustles such as affiliate income and rebates was a little lower this month. The good news for the month was that […]

restart giving profit $28 eBay resale items

Orchard Supply Hardware Contributes $25 To Restart Giving! This last weekend the family and I were visiting one of the remaining Orchard Supply Hardware stores as they were preparing to shut the doors for good. Lowes, the parent company of OSH decided to close all of the OSH stores a couple months back – so […]

We Hit The Mother Lode!

We Hit The Mother Lode! Most of the funding for Restart Giving comes from sales on eBay. As anyone who’s started an eBay “business” knows, the biggest challenge is finding a good source for obtaining the items to re-sell. From time to time we’ll come across someone posting on the website that they have […]

October Loans & Giving Stats!

October Loans & Giving Stats! We just completed funding our October batch of Kiva loans and were able to fund 10 loans this month. We started back in March with a goal of lending to at least 4 borrowers each month for all of 2018. With the exception of August* we quickly exceeded that goal […]

September 2018 Income Report

September 2018 Income Report September was a good month for our side hustles. We generated income from 3 sources,¬†¬†eBay, the quarterly kids consignment sale and the online rebate apps this month. The income break down is as follows: eBay: $393.64 Kids Consignment Sale: $793.00 On-line / Affiliate / Rebates: 382.69 Total Income for September: $1569.33 […]

Ibotta - Passive Income From Shopping

Passive Income From Shopping We’ve made it pretty obvious that the main source of income for funding Restart Giving is though oureBay sales of unused electronics and other home goods. However, we also participate in a number of shopping / rebate mobile apps that also generate passive income for us.   Theses apps will typically […]

Welcome to Restart Giving! We all have lots of junk just collecting dust in our homes – much of which is still perfectly functional. Take for example that old iPhone that you replaced last year with your cool brand new iPhone X! The old iPhone 6 you’re no longer using works just fine right? But […]