We Hit The Mother Lode!

We Hit The Mother Lode!

Most of the funding for Restart Giving comes from sales on eBay. As anyone who’s started an eBay “business” knows, the biggest challenge is finding a good source for obtaining the items to re-sell. From time to time we’ll come across someone posting on the Nextdoor.com website that they have “Free Stuff!” to give away. Like most things free – they’re worth what you pay for them. But, on occasion you will find some good “treasures”. Recently we found one such treasure….it made us feel like we had hit the Mother Lode!

Acting Quickly

Of course everyone wants something that’s good for free, so to get the really good stuff you’ll have to act fast! About a week ago we came across a post on Nextdoor for some “Free Stuff!” and it looked really good. The poster listed household appliances, Microsoft Xbox, Bluray players and other electronic items. When we first saw the post it was less than 10 minutes old. So with the street address in hand we got in the car and off we went. We arrived onsite within 30 minutes of the posting time but thought for sure, by the time we got there things would be picked over.

Not only were things not picked over – but in the 20 minutes it took to load everything in our car, no one else showed up! After looking over all the items we had loaded up we were in disbelief – we had collected 3 digital cameras, an Apple TV, 2 Amazon Kindles, multiple pairs of brand new women’s designer shoes, and on and on…. In the end we expect that this one haul alone will net between $750 and $1500! Amazing.



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